122 youth finish DOLE-JobStart life skills training

Date Posted: February 8th, 2017 01:53 PM

Some 122 youths from the Davao region finished the DOLE’s JobStart Philippines Program’s 10-day Life Skills Training (LST), the first of the three-phase full-cycle employment facilitation services to ‘at risk youth’, or young workers who have the least access to productive work, and who take around two to four years to find their first regular job.

DOLE Regional Office No. 11 Director Joffrey Suyao said the LST graduates are now on their way to fully attaining JobStart-inculcated skills that most employers are looking for in an employee.


“We hope and pray that you will be with us, because we will be with you on this journey. We believe that with the life skills, technical, and on-the-job training, there is no way that you will not get the first or the second job that you will be seeking for,” said Suyao.


The LST is a major stage in the JobStart Philippines Program, which is given to youth beneficiaries who completed the career guidance and employment coaching (CGEC) session. In this phase, the trainees learn about knowing one’s self, including the world of work, personal branding, job hunting, financial literacy, health and well-being, and networking.


After completing the LST, the trainees will undergo the JobStart technical training for three months. A JobStart trainee can skip or be exempted from undergoing the technical training and transition directly to internship stage.


The JobStart internship period shall not be more than three months or 600 hours. A JobStart trainee shall no longer be required to undergo a probationary period at the end of the internship phase should the trainee be hired in the same establishment upon completion of the program.


JobStart trainees receive a daily training allowance beginning from the life skills training stage to the technical training stage.


The 122 who recently graduated from the LST form part the 248 who applied during the second roll out of JobStart in Davao City. Of the qualified applicants, six have already landed jobs after the interviews.


With the success of the program, Director Suyao said that for 2017, more areas in the region are being eyed to be covered by JobStart.


Meanwhile, Tagum City, which is another JobStart pilot area in the region, has also earlier produced about 109 JobStarters who have graduated from LST on January 23, 2017.


END/Tim Laderas with a report from Kriztja Marae G. Labrador


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