Printing of Philippine Labor

Date Posted: August 1st, 2011 12:00 AM

Printing of Philippine Labor

QTY: 3,000 cps


   Size:                  spread – 17.25” (length) x 11.5” (height)

                            Folded – 8.625” x 11.5”

   No. of Pages:      16 pages

   Color          :      Front and back outside cover,

                            Full color  (w/ bleed)

        Inside Pages: grayscale (black and white w/ bleed)

   Paper :               Bookpaper 60 lbs. (cover & inside pages)

   Process:              Offset printing

   Binding:             Stapled

   No. of Copies:    10,000 copies

   Frequency:         Two(2) issues (June-Aug. 2011;

                                                 Sept.-Nov. 2011)

                            Single issue (Dec. 2011)

   Delivery Date:    5 days after submission of approved and

                            Signed proof

   Note to Printer:

-          Finished layout in Indesign format will be submitted to printer

-          Prior to final printing, a digital proof from the printer shall be required

-          An approved and signed proof will be required for final printing

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