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DOLE Region 3 placed 89,343 jobseekers in 2010  Dec 17th 2010, 00:00 
In Region 6, workers receive backwages after LEAP inspection  Dec 17th 2010, 00:00 
Workers in Calabarzon get pay increase  Dec 22nd 2010, 00:00 
DOLE gives livelihood starter kits to 23 families affected by tuna in GenSan  Dec 23rd 2010, 00:00 
Maltese employers express preference for OFWs  Dec 30th 2010, 00:00 
NCR Hospital ITC adopts voluntary code of good practices  Dec 30th 2010, 00:00 
DOLE puts up livelihood center for sugar workers  Dec 30th 2010, 00:00 
DOLE Region 1 was steadfast in 2010, gears up for 2011  Jan 5th 2011, 00:00 
In the Cordillera, DOLE settles complaint in one day  Jan 5th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE settles two labor rows in the CALABARZON   Jan 6th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE Region 3 distributes 'nego-karts' to Lubao, Guagua ambulant vendors  Jan 7th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE chief reports providing safe shelter to distressed OFWs in 2010  Jan 7th 2011, 00:00 
With deliberate speed, DOLE settles Luzon, Mindanao labor rows  Jan 10th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE employs SENA to settle labor row in Japanese firm  Jan 10th 2011, 00:00 
Blind "sees" hope in DOLE's livelihood program  Jan 11th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE RO9 and partners support P-Noy's labor and employment agenda  Jan 11th 2011, 00:00 
Baldoz vows to work closely with Haijin to foster industrial peace, enhance workers' protection  Jan 11th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE-NCR employs SENA to exact compliance on 13th month pay   Jan 11th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE settles labor row in Sumitomo's banana plantation in North Cotabato  Jan 12th 2011, 00:00 
From Kuwait, DOLE repatriates 96 OFWs, nine children  Jan 14th 2011, 00:00 
Efforts to obtain compliance on 13th month benefit pay off in Regions 2, 4A, and 9  Jan 18th 2011, 00:00 
Taiwan increases its minimum wage  Jan 19th 2011, 00:00 
DOLE establishes 9 new PESOs in Zambales  Jan 19th 2011, 00:00 
Livelihood that generate jobs a DOLE priority  Jan 19th 2011, 00:00 
Under workers' income augmentation program, DOLE grants P950,000 livelihood fund to a workers' union  Jan 19th 2011, 00:00 

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